The Art of Self-Love

Jeannette Maw

Wondering if Universe lost your wish list?

If it feels like you're overdue for dreams coming true, you should know the goods may actually be waiting on YOU!  Find out if you're missing the single most important key to successful manifesting … 

  • Has your unmanifested vision board been up so long it's getting dusty?
  • Are you tired of repeating the same intentions over and over with no success?
  • Do you sometimes wonder whether this Law of Attraction stuff is a bunch of hooey?

The first thing to know is that it's okay to swear in deliberate creation.  Things don't always go smoothly or quickly. 

Doubts are normal.  Especially when results are not. 

But the truth is .. the solution to getting what you want may be way more simple than you think. 


And no, it's not a big secret you have to pay hundreds of dollars to learn or practice.  (I'll share it with you right here right now.)


And yes, there are many of us who totally miss this essential key to successful manifesting. 

Even if you've heard this tip before, if you're like many of the clients I work with, it often goes in one ear and out the other. 

My work with hundreds of people, as well as my own personal experience, has shown that this is an absolutely crucial component to getting what you want. 

What is that missing ingredient so many of us don't know about? 

I'm talking about self-love.  Appreciation for your Self.  Liking who you are.  Enjoying You. 

When love and appreciation for your Self aren't flowing, you're out of sync with what you want.  And we know vibrational alignment is required in order to get what we want … because of that whole “like attracts like” thing.   

You can't feel disdain or contempt or unworthiness for your Self and expect Universe to deliver the goods.  Universe can only match your vibration.

If you put yourself at the bottom of your to-do list every day, Universe can only follow suit.   

Which may be what keeps you from all the good things and experiences you've been wanting. 

What I'm saying is that you've got to learn to be better to yourself in order to expect the same from the world around you! 

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Consider what the experts say about it: 

Sandra Anne TaylorSandra Anne Taylor: 

“Without starting at the self, the current of love will continue to flow past you, and the happiness that you seek will remain a distant dream. 

The Universal laws demand that you engage in genuine self-love, honoring who and what you are.  This isn't just a vague ideal; it's based in the quantum mechanics of your own consciousness.  Your energy determines your reality.” 

James RayJames Ray: 

“How you treat yourself is an example to the world of how the world should treat you.  People cannot and will not treat you any better than you treat yourself.” 

Jerry & EstherAbraham: 

“When you feel good about you, you are vibrating positive energy. When you vibrate positive energy you are positively attracting.

If you are wanting the mate, the money, the more fulfilling work, the house, the car, the perfect bodily health - if you are wanting ANY of those things it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you come to a place of positive vibration.  Which means you must adore you!!” 

Jani KingP'taah (Jani King) says:  

“How simple is it?  If you love who you are, you will change your Universe.  You can transmute agony into ecstasy.” 

AlanaAlana (Sandy Breckenridge): 

“When you truly are able to love yourself, you will find that your ability to manifest will come from this self-love.” 

So turns out the Beatles had it right: All we need is Love.   

Which many of us believe we've got a good handle on, but if your manifestations are slow in appearing, love for your Self is the first place you want to check out. 

How easy is it to remedy missing self-love?  It's simple.  You can start practicing it today and trust me, you will notice a difference in your manifestations!

But I know from experience that many of us feel challenged when it comes to this self-love thing.  We haven't been taught that it's important, or even HOW to be good to ourselves! 

Even when we understand that it's important and truly want to practice it, we often run into obstacles like feeling guilty or awkward about it.  Or sometimes it's just old habits that run contrary to our self-love vibe. 

But because this “love yourself” thing is a vital manifesting skill, you know you can count on me, the Good Vibe Coach, to put a spotlight on it and offer you a step by step guide through the process. 

My specialty is helping people get what they want, and because

this is most often the #1 missing element to their manifesting formula, and because


this is the thing so many of us have in common as to how we're shooting ourselves in the law of attraction foot

I thought we could all benefit from a powerful reminder and tutorial. 

So here's what I've got for you:

The Art of Self-Love

I put together a 47 page ebook, three audio recordings, and a customized workbook designed to help you master the art of self-love available for immediate download for $27.

This is the kind of study that you're not only going to enjoy doing, but it'll also:  

For one product purchase you get the key to successful manifesting as well as the step by step process to happiness and fulfillment.  I know that might sound like a big promise, but I think you inherently understand the power of love.  When you harness this Love for your Self, you will see doors open and magic and miracles enter your world. 

(And I'm speaking from personal experience on that!) 


Here's the deal... you get the entire package, including 47 page ebook, 3 audio recordings and a personal workbook for  immediate download for less than $100.


My clients spend double that just to have one conversation with me where we barely scratch the surface of the self-love topic.  In this package I've poured my heart and soul of everything I believe is important for you to know in an extensive exploration of the single most important deliberate creation habit - along with practical strategies to begin immediate implementation!

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If that doesn't pique your interest in letting me help you develop your self-love practice, I don't know what will.

Well, yes I do … here's what a couple of advance copy readers had to say: 

Iyabo Asani"Jeannette, this is a masterpiece. With clear, lucid language, you explain years of study of Law of Attraction and the art of manifestation in easy, doable terms. As I read your ebook, my heart changed. Never has your voice been clearer. Just reading the ebook increased my vibration and my Self-love. Self-love is the missing message in most law of attraction books and recordings; not enough focus is put on it. You put Self-Love squarely front and center in law of attraction teaching and bring forth a lot of healing with this message. Thank you for this profound contribution to our collective consciousness."

Iyabo Asani

Mary Knebel"Jeannette, you have done it again!  I thought I knew a lot about the law of attraction and self-love, but as always you have taken my understanding to a much deeper level and really got me thinking.  You truly have a gift for explaining concepts in a way that is easy-to-understand and that shows us how to apply what you teach to achieve greater results in our lives.  I can't wait to put these self-love practices to use and watch what unfolds!"   

Mary Knebel,

Judy Kinney“Love IS the language of the universe. Jeannette, like everything you do, this ebook makes self-love and access to the infinite universe easy AND enjoyable - like laughter, ice cream and kisses. The practices you include in this ebook are inspiring and practical.  I know I'll return to the wisdom in this ebook many, many times.  Thanks for sharing your commitment to self-love with each of us!” 

Judy Kinney,

Susan Stackpole, Younique Radio Show“The Art of Self-Love” is a must read and a wonderful testimony to the power of love in attracting one's truest desires.  Jeannette illustrates that true Self-love dissolves conditional love while graciously welcoming one's authentic Self.  She inspires a renewed commitment to Self, increasing the flow of positive energy, which supercharges one's ability to manifest anything. 

Susan Stackpole, Younique Radio Show

Michele Woodward, Master Certified Coach"I found myself reading The Art of Self-Love with a pen in my hand, scrawling down Notes To Self.  And that's what's remarkable about Jeannette's ebook - it is absolutely full of thoughtful yet practical ways to get from negative to positive.  To get from lack to abundance.  To get from where you are to where you want to be.  And the key is self-love.  I know I'll continue to refer to the wisdom on these pages - it's precisely what so many of us need to welcome a happier happier life."

Michele Woodward, Master Certified Coach

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So if you've been experiencing “close but not quite” manifestations, or they're taking longer than a couple weeks to come to fruition , I'm inviting you to grease the wheels by learning to better flow love to your Self.

This habit will go a long way towards closing that vibrational gap and sending the signal to Universe that you are ready for the good stuff!

For Good Vibe support along the way, if you'd rather not pay $350 for a single session with me, here's what I've got for you: 

Money Back Guarantee

And of course if you don't agree this is one of the most important pieces to successful manifesting through the enhancement of self-love, I'll refund your $27 purchase immediately no questions asked. 

Because I don't want any reservations to keep you from embracing what I believe is the single most important key to getting what you want in life.  Not just for your benefit, but for everyone's - including mine.  It's this simple: when YOU love you, the whole world is better off for it. 

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the ball's in your court

The ball's in your court.  Listen to your inner “feel good” and follow whatever direction it points you in!  If you believe this material can help, you're right.  If you believe it can't, you're right.  Do what feels best and you can't go wrong.  J

With that, I've done my part to give you the heads up and make my coaching support available in the most cost effective way I know how.  The next step is yours.  Click here to pick up the Art of Self Love package for your journey … and know that I'm already looking forward to hearing what happens for you as a result of embracing Self-Love. 

Jeannette MawAfter all, we're in this together.  J 


Jeannette Maw

Certified Master Coach

Good Vibe Coaching 

PS - Know that my intention with this material, as well as with my coaching practice, is to offer you a strong and inspiring platform to experience life just as you want it to be.  I'm holding the best thoughts for your continued - and enhanced - enjoyment of life! 

PPS – if you haven't already connected with me on twitter, please do so! I'm @goodvibecoach and would love to meet you!  And if you missed the link above, purchase now to get your hands on the self-love package that could make all the difference for you. 

PPPS – remember, without this element present in your life, it's like shooting blanks at your Law of Attraction targets.  Whether you do it with the help of this package or not, please do yourself a favor, relieve your manifesting frustrations, and love yourself now.  J 

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